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Direct Vendors / Sales Reps / Consultants

If you are a direct vendor or sales consultant representing brands like Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Scentsy, etc., please note that there is a waiting list and approval process. We try to give each representative an opportunity with each of our Craft Fairs. If you represent multiple product lines you may not be able to present one if there is already that product by another vendor. 

First right of refusal is given to the top name on the list in each product line.

If you are a vendor you then can be added back to the next slot on the list.

We have current waiting lists for the following vendors:

  • Pampered Chef

  • Scentsy

  • Touchstone

  • Thirty-One Gifts

  • Color Street

  • Tupperware

  • Mary Kay

  • Tastefully Simple

  • Juice Plus

  • Doterra

  • and More...

If you are a direct distributor and are interested in being a vendor

please contact the VP of Fundraising to get more information.

​Vice President of Fundraising
Cherokee Trail High School PTCO

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